Sunday, March 21, 2010

My "helper" for delivery...

Well, my mom is supposed to be my "helper" during delivery so that Micah and our midwife can focus on important things. Our plan is to have my mom do laundry, make food, take pictures, and all sorts of really important stuff.

Guess what...? We are 22 days away from our due date, and she is leaving the COUNTRY for a whole week. Then, she has the nerve to tell me not to have the baby while she is gone.


She is going to Panama to deliver wheelchairs to some needy folks, so I guess I can forgive her. However, I cannot promise that I won't repeatedly tell Landry that her Mimi wasn't here when she was born. :)

Mom, hope you have a great trip! I will really try to hold off until you get back!

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