Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Story I Never Want to Forget...

Last week my sweet, sweet husband offered to take Landry to lunch with a former co-worker while I went to have my massage that he and Landry got me for Mother's Day. This guy had been wanting to see Landry, so it worked out perfectly. That morning, Micah picked out Landry's outfit, and he was so excited about their lunch date together. He picked out a sweet little outfit (Thanks Aunt Emily!) that Landry had not worn yet. The outfit was SKINNY jeans and a cute little top. I say SKINNY jeans because our little baby is NOT skinny. My Aunt Linda told me that it should be considered child abuse to put a chubby baby in skinny jeans. :) She looked adorable though!

Ok, so here is the good part...I got done with my massage and called Micah to get Landry from him. He was at home because Landry had a breakdown while they were out at lunch. Here is how it happened. Landry was ready for a nap when he took her. We expected that she would fall asleep in the car on the way to lunch, and she did. The nap only last 10 minutes, and then the beast was awake! According to Micah, Landry started SCREAMING so loudly that everyone in the restaurant was staring at him. He said that as she screamed louder, the room just kept getting hotter and he was dripping with sweat. :) I said, "Welcome to my life!" That sounds about like every trip I take to Wal-Mart.

That is just the beginning. After the screaming wouldn't stop, he realized that she had a blowout dirty diaper. Since there are not changing tables in most men's bathrooms, he decided to change her AT THE BOOTH. Yuck!! He got the diaper off, got her cleaned up, and then tried to put the DIRTY, skinny jeans back on her! That was a big mistake because the jeans are not the easiest to get on and off (plus, they were dirty!!), so Landry continued to scream and started to turn blue from being so upset.

In the end, Micah ended up cutting his lunch short and heading out of the restaurant with a sreaming child with no pants on.
Love, love, love this story. Micah is such a good daddy, but I don't think he was prepared for public embarassment like that. :) I could not stop laughing as he was telling me this story.

Below are some pictures of Landry from that morning in "THE outfit." I think she just gets more precious all the time!

The SKINNY jeans on the chunky legs!

Ms. Blue Eyes! Just like her daddy's...

Sweet, pouty face...

Little grins...

And constant jabbering! She definitely has a lot to say!

Like I said, I never (EVER!) want to forget this story. I love my sweet husband and precious baby so much, and I can't wait for her to read about the fits she gave her daddy some day.

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