Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Landry is officially a Roly-Poly! She is rolling over regularly from her back to her stomach. A few times, she has even kept rolling on to her back again. So much fun!

Below are a few cute pictures of her holding her head up. She is the sweetest thing ever. :)

Landry on our bed watching T.V. She loves the noise and colors!

Sweet, chubby cheeks!

A little grin...

Enough Mom!

Playing with Mimi...

She loves her Baby Einstein "iPod." (Thanks Rachel!)
Before we know it, Landry is going to be crawling. She already scoots around when she gets on her is so funny! In her pack-n-play at night, she gets herself in so many different positions. It is really amazing how mobile she is. Landry is definitely going to be a mess! :)
At the church nursery, they tell us that she wiggles and moves more than any baby. Also, I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and the lady behind me in line said, "She is very vocal!" I think she was trying to say, "Shut that baby up," but Landry doesn't listen. We are preparing ourselves to have a talkative, busy girl in a few years. I can't even imagine...

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  1. Precious! So glad I got to meet her in person! She is a doll baby!