Sunday, July 4, 2010

The many sleep positions of Landry...

Landry's sleep habits are pretty funny. She still sleeps in our room in her pack-n-play, and I can't imagine being ready to move her in to her room yet. I like to be able to hear her and check on her without having to walk across the house (yes, I do know about baby monitors!). Up to this point, she has basically demanded to be swaddled any time she wanted to sleep...this includes her carseat, stoller, while she is held, everything.
We have been trying to get her used to napping without the swaddle, and things have been going okay. We still swaddle her to sleep at night because it helps her sleep 7 hours straight. The doctor said that some babies are even swaddled until they are 9 months old (I hope it doesn't take that long)!
So, Landry normally wakes up between 3-4 and then she wakes up again between 5-6. During her last time up, I normally let her sleep the rest of the night in our bed. I love cuddling up with her! :)
Here are some precious pictures of our angel sleeping. I am trying to soak up every minute of this because it is going by way too fast. I keep praying that time will slow down...we are having too much fun!

Here is Landry napping without her swaddle. She wakes up about every 5-10 minutes because she hits herself or knocks her pacifier out. Hoping that will get better...

Hugged up with Curly.

This is how Landry sleeps at night. Snug as a bug in her Miracle Blanket with her Sleep Sheep running in the background.

And this is how she wakes up in the morning. No swaddle and cuddled up with Mommy or Daddy.

My loves! So sweet!

I just love being Micah's wife and Landry's mommy. I can't imagine anything better! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July! We are looking forward to a fun day with the families...we will post new pictures soon!

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  1. Lindsey,
    Both of my kiddos were swaddled babies until 6 months old! My family gave me a hard time about putting them in their "papoose", but since mine were sleeping 9-10 hours straight, I was more than happy to strap them in.

    Both my kids had these crazy involuntary muscle movements when they were sleeping that would jerk them awake(if I didn't swaddle them). I ended up having 2 belly sleepers. That's why I wrapped them up until they could be on their belly's and be able to lift their head. (I know that some people are WAY against this...worked for us!)

    Anyway, Landry won't be swaddled forever, so I'm glad you're not worried about it and are enjoying your 7 hours of sleep at night!