Friday, July 23, 2010

I like my sleep!

Landry is in a transition phase right now. We have been trying to transition her from sleeping swaddled to sleeping without the swaddle now that she is rolling over. She did really great the first two nights, but since then, I haven't had much sleep! I enjoy sleep a lot, so I have been a bit of a crab the past two days. We are really ready to get this sleep thing figured out.

Last night, Landry slept on her tummy. She went to sleep on our bed with me patting her back, and then we moved her to her bed. She slept for 4 hours and then woke up to eat. After that, I could not get her to go back to sleep...especially not on her stomach. She seemed to like it, but she has to be tricked in to falling asleep that way right now. :)

From the pictures below, you will see that Landry is having no trouble napping...that is for sure!

Landry and Micah on the couch. I love how her little hands are folded!

Landry taking her afternoon nap. She REALLY loves sleeping on her side like this, but at night she just can't seem to find that middle ground without rolling over. I have tried the sleep wedges, but she arches her back and rolls right over them. Ugh!

So tired...

I really have been enjoying all of Landry's different phases. Even though I am a little sleep deprived, I still LOVE getting up with her at night. She is the sweetest little angel, and I love snuggling with her. Every day she seems to be doing more and more. I wish things would SLOW DOWN!

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