Monday, November 29, 2010

A change in OUR plan...

If you follow our blog at all, you probably saw the post about us hosting Ivan, the orphan from Ukraine, for Christmas. We picked Ivan out almost immediately when we decided this is what we wanted to do, and our hearts were completely set on him being a part of our family. Well, God's plan is often different than my own, and things didn't work out for Ivan to come to our home for Christmas. Through Ivan taking his English classes, they found that he had a major fear of flying. He was extremely excited to come visit the U.S., but he did not realize in the beginning that he would have to fly. He has never talked with anyone who has actually flown before, so it was very hard for anyone to ease his fears. Our hearts were broken when we heard the news. We are still hopeful that we will meet Ivan soon...this will not be the end of our connection with him!

With all of that being said, we decided to pick another child to come visit for Christmas. This is Valya, and she is 15 years old. She seems like the sweetest little girl! We have also had a tutor working with her to teach her English, but the orphanage director told us that she keeps getting distracted. The weather is currently nice, and her friends want her to come out and play. :) She sounds pretty social! I think that having Valya here will be a lot of fun...especially because she will be home with Landry and me everyday. We are planning on baking lots of cookies, painting our nails, and lots of girly things! Please pray that our connection is immediate when Valya arrives. Right now the plan is that I will fly to Washington DC to pick her up on December 20.

Isn't she beautiful?

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