Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Ivan...

We would like for you to meet Ivan. Ivan is an orphan in Ukraine, and he will be coming to spend 3 weeks in our home over Christmas. We picked Ivan out specifically to spend this special time with us, and we are extremely excited for him to get here!

Ivan is 12 years old and has been in his current orphanage 2 years. He has no brothers or sisters. He loves to play soccer. The orphanage director describes Ivan as the "sun" of the orphanage, and she said he is always resolving conflict between the other children.

This might seem kind of out of left field, but Micah and I have always talked about how we want to adopt at some point. We don't know that Ivan will be the one or that the time is right for us now, but we feel led to have Ivan in our home during this special season. He will be arriving around December 19th and staying through January 10th. We currently have a tutor hired in Ukraine to help Ivan learn some English...we hope this will help our connection once he gets here. We have also sent him a care package with pictures of our family, home, and other "U.S" things so that he isn't scared when he arrives.
There are several other orphans from Ukraine who are planning to come to the U.S. to be hosted during those 3 weeks. If you are interested in hosting and giving an orphan their first real Christmas, please contact me...families are needed! We have some friends who are coordinating the hosting program locally. They hosted two Ukrainian girls earlier this year, and now they are going through the process of adopting them (check out there blog here). If you choose to host, there is absolutely no commitment to adopt. The commitment is to love on the child for 3 weeks while they are in the U.S., and you then have the option to stay in touch, send them packages, invite them back next year, etc.

Please pray for Ivan and his sweet little heart. We are praying that he will find a forever home through this process...whether or not this is with us. We love him already. How could you not love that sweet face?!

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