Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's official...

I have lost my mind, and here is a little story to prove it. :)
This morning, I was getting ready to head down to Fort Smith for the RMHC Family Room opening (yea!!). I packed some yummy steamed carrots from dinner last night for Landry to eat for lunch at Gigi's house. I was super hungry when we got home this afternoon, so I got into the refrigerator to look for the steamed veggies to eat as a snack (yes, I sometimes eat vegetables at snacks, lol.). Well, the veggies weren't there. I initially thought that Micah must have come home and eaten them for lunch, but then I wondered why there wasn't a dirty dish in the sink. :)

Sooooo....I opened the cabinet where I got the container for Landry's lunch this morning, and look what I found!

Ha! On top of that, I just realized that they are still in the cabinet because I took a quick picture, shut the cabinet, and got on the computer to post this. My life really needs to slow down!

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