Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Engagement!

Well, exciting news....this little baby is engaged to be married!! :) 
He may not look like a baby to you, but he is my BABY brother, and it is hard for me to get it through my head that he is all grown and "put a ring on it" this weekend! 
He is engaged to the sweetest girl, Emily, and we are thrilled that she is going to be part of our family!
So, for the past month, we have been scheming a plan to surprise Emily. Tyler really wanted to propose here in NWA, but he definitely wanted her family (from Eastern Arkansas) to be here to surprise her afterwards. He did such a good job coordinating with her parents and basically lying to Emily to get the job done. :) I am sure she forgives him. My mom and I planned a surprise engagement party at my house for after the proposal, and we had 26 people here waiting on her. She thought she was just coming over to have a boring ole' dinner with me...NOT the case!
Here are several random pictures from the night. I didn't get a good group picture of her with her family, but hopefully someone did!

The beautiful ring! Seriously...gorgeous!

Ms. Sassy-pants and I before the party

Landry made quick friends with Emily's little brothers and sister. So sweet!

Collier and Emily's brother, Kyle. This boy LOVES babies!

Such a sweet picture of Emily seeing her mama!

And her daddy!

Toasting to the sweet couple

Me with my new sister!

Emily with two of her bestest friends that drove over from Tulsa
 We made Landry get in bed at a decent time that night, but she screamed a ton because she heard everyone still downstairs. We ended up letting her get back up, and she and Judd had such a blast! These two crack me up!

They love their Uncle Tyler...and Aunt Emily!!

Congratulations guys! We could not be more excited!

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