Thursday, December 22, 2011

20 months!

Landry is getting so big, and I can't hardly stand it. She is going to be TWO YEARS OLD in April, and I know that that will be here before we know it. She is honestly so much fun right now, and I am having a blast being her mommy and seeing her grow each day.

Here are a few things that are going on right now...
(I have been making a list for the past few weeks, but it is no longer where I left it!)
We took these away a few weeks ago....
Micah and I were so worried about how Landry would handle it, but she did great! She was so attached, and wanted several pacis in bed with her every time she went down. I cut off the end of one at nap time one day, and she threw it out of the crib and still went to sleep. She hasn't asked for it ONCE. Honestly, she is a little bit of a freak-of-nature.

Landry knows her ABC's and how to count to 10 (almost always skipping 4). When she sings the ABC's, she normally mixes the song up with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

She loves animals and calls them by their sound instead of their name. "A meow, A ney, A moo..." Very cute!

She loves to dance any time she hears music...or not. She will gallop around like a horse, turn in circles, belly roll. It is so entertaining!
She screams each time we get in the car to watch a "boooovie!" Before we even get out of the garage, she is crying and yellling for me to start a dvd. Not a phase I am enjoying, and it is even worse now that she doesn't have the paci to calm her down. We are working on being patient! :)

Landry's favorite foods at 20 months are tomatoes and cheese. She also loves "cooookies," which really just means anything sweet. When she doesn't know what things are called, she sometimes will refer to them as a "no cheese" or a "no cookie." Basically trying to tell me..."I want THAT, not the cheese!
She loves to read books, and often whines to take her "Jesus" book into her crib with her. I always say yes to that one, and I think she is figuring that out. :) How can you not let the sweet girl read her Bible? I watch her on her monitor, and she really does read through looking at the pictures and saying, "A moo! A Ney! JESUS!!"

For my Facebook friends, this will be redundant, but I don't want to forget! Lately when Landry has had a dirty diaper, she has been telling me, "Shoo wee Collier!" and trying to blame the dirty diapers on him. It is really funny! We are about to start potty training after all of our Christmas travels. Woo hoo!

She is also in a phase of saying "Sorry" a lot. She is the sweetest thing. The other day I came around the corner and ran right into even knocked her down. She got right up and said "Sorry Mama!" like it was her fault. I felt so bad that she thought she did something wrong, but it made my heart happy that she was being so sweet. :)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we MUST be entering the terrible two's. Landry has her moments (especially in the car) where she gets so angry. She will yell, "No, no, NO!!" and try pulling her arms out of the buckles. When she gets frustrated with something, she has started hitting herself. What the heck? Surely she will figure out that this isn't getting her anywhere quickly. 

Anyway...we think our little Landry is just precious. What an entertaining little bundle we have. I am thankful to call her mine...what a lucky mama I am!!

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