Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Whew...I accidentally took a week off from blogging, and it felt really good! :) I honestly didn't take many pictures over the last week. I have got to get back in the groove and make sure I am documenting these little rugrats growing! It might have something to do with the funk I am in with Landry turning TWO in less than a week. She has been more needy this past week, and I have been soaking that little stinker up!
On to Easter...
It was a beautiful day to celebrate our Risen Savior! We celebrated by staying in NWA this year, but that still means at least two stops for our family. We started off at our church's 8:00 service. We had to wake the kids up to make it there on time, but it was SO worth it. The service was great, and the kids were able to get in a little nap before we headed on to our lunch stops.

Our first stop was my step-mom's parents house...Granny and Pa.
Granny is a seriously good cook, and she sure loves the babies! I couldn't believe it, but she hadn't met Collier yet. It was good to get out there and visit with family we hadn't seen in a while!
Dado with the kids

Landry ready to search for eggs!

Sweet girl and her bunny basket

Me with my Daddy

Micah and his little bunny-boy. :)

Judd taking Landry on a Gator ride. Thankful Aunt Jamia told me to buckle her in! :)

Our next stop was my grandparent's house. My mom made the kids a bunny cake, and Judd and Landry hunted (aka: fought over) some eggs. Those two love each other a lot and honestly fight like siblings sometimes!

PA-recious little Laurel

Uncle Tyler and Aunt Emily were home!

Two busy babies=No looking at the camera

Family pic...remind me next year to take this in the morning! :)

Mimi and Papa with their four grand babies. Hilarious...Drew's kiddos are into it, but mine, not so much!

Before church, we put Landry in her Easter hat that Laura got for her. It was so precious! Micah said she looked like she was from the 1800's, but I told him to be quiet! :) They didn't have precious monogramming or sparkly white sandals in the 1800's...back off! 

Happy Easter y'all!
As much as we enjoyed spending time with family, getting dressed up, eating good food, and hunting eggs, the focus of the holiday should be on Jesus. Jesus who died a horrific death on a cross for you and me. Jesus who died with the burden of MY sins on his back. Jesus who rose from the grave 3 days later and sits at the right hand of God the Father. I am so thankful to have a reason to celebrate...on Easter and every other day too!

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