Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our week...

This post is a little bit all over the place, but I needed to catch up on all my pictures from this week before Landry's b-day party tomorrow. I know I will have a million pictures to share after that! :)

Landry loves socks and shoes. Whenever I get her dressed, even just to stay home, she always asks for them. The other day, I found her in the living room, and she had found some socks and put her sandals on over them. She was sitting reading a book with her sunglasses on, and then she would take a break and put them up on her head like I wear mine. She was just cracking me up! 
Her favorite socks right now are a mis-matched pair of pink/blue socks that we stole from Gigi's house. :)

You already know that Collier has been mobile for a while, but seriously, he is moving fast these days! He loves Landry's dino that plays music when he pushes it.

 We have noticed Landry copying things we are doing a lot lately. I knew she was listening before, but to hear/see her repeat things I do has been very eye-opening!
The other morning after breakfast, Landry picked up a few chunks of mango that Collier had thrown on the floor. I watched her take it over to her baby's seat and "feed" it to her. The whole time she was saying, "Baby, yum!!!"  She is so sweet to her baby dolls and rocks them, feeds them, and I even saw her sniff one's hiney the other day to check for a dirty diaper. Ha!!

 One morning this past week, Micah and I thought we would be "fun" parents and go out for a yummy family breakfast. Landry rarely eats pancakes, and when she does they are normally whole wheat and have lots of other healthy things snuck in. :) We went to Mimi's Cafe and ordered her the chocolate chip pancakes, and we were SO excited to give her a treat and see how excited she would be. She was excited when she got the plate (see the picture below), but all she ate were 2 or 3 chocolate chips off the top and all the fruit! She wanted nothing to do with the much for our fun idea!

 Collier has still been sleeping in his pack-n-play in our downstairs playroom to keep him close. He normally goes down about 7:30, and he has been sleeping until around 5:30...which has been really nice! At 5:30, he comes to our bed to eat, but then normally squirms around until I take him back to his bed. On Tuesday, he fell back asleep with me and slept until close to 8:00 all snuggled up. I woke up with this happy little man next to me! Such a sweet smile to wake up to!

Collier is still not taking a bottle, and he hasn't been a fan of a sippy cup either. Landry was handing out "caca" (aka: coffee) to us one morning. She gave Collier one of her play coffee cups, and he loved it! He would giggle and hold it up to his mouth like he was drinking out of it! It was the cutest thing. If he wouldn't dump it everywhere, this might be a good option! :)

Sorry for the randomness, I have just not had the desire to be on the computer much the last few weeks. Honestly hoping I get back in the groove soon. It is easier to keep up with things if I make myself do it more often! Hope you guys have a great for Landry's birthday post soon!

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