Friday, April 11, 2014

Collier Quotes...

I can't believe I am doing a blog post with no pictures, but my cord to upload photos is in the other room where Bretton is napping...I'm not chancing waking the sleeping baby! :)
I have started having to write down things that Collier is saying because all of a sudden he is funny just like Landry! I don't know how he got big so quickly, but he has been cracking us up the past few weeks! He has the sweetest little personality, and he is getting to be such a chatty Cathy!
-When I ask Collier to do something, he has started responding, "I can't! I'm too very busy!"
-Every time he picks up my phone, he clicks on the camera because he wants to look at pictures. When the camera pops up, he says, "Say cheese mommy!" Then, he snaps a random pictures and says (every.single.time), "OH! That's the greatest!"
-He combines the words band-aid and bandage and calls them band-ages.
-Landry has been telling everyone that she is about to be 4 next week. Collier likes to chime in and say, "Well, I'm about to be 5!" :)
-Another way he doesn't want to be outdone by his sister...
She has been showing off her outfits to the ladies at the front desk of the hotel. Every morning, they want to see what she is wearing. She ran around the counter and said, "Look at my Sophia shoes!" yesterday morning. Collier quickly ran around there too and said, "Look at my regular shoes!" :)
-He is starting to figure out all of the names in our family. When we ask him what his whole name is, he says, "Collier! Micah Collier Gibsum." I love the way he says Gibson. :) He knows Micah's name, but he says my name is Mommy Gibsum.
-I was reading Collier a book the other night about a mother and son elephant. In the story the mommy had to leave, and it was talking about them being able to feel each other's love while they were apart. Collier cuddled up tightly with me and asked, "Mommy, you feel my love?"
Melt me.

-He loves to laugh and tell me, "Mommy, you're a mess!" or "You're a silly goose!"
Two of my favorites...
-Collier is rough with Bretton. He loves him SO much, but it is hard for him to be gentle. Here is our daily conversation...
Collier: "Mommy! Breb is crying!"
Me: "Why, what happened?"
Collier: "I not know."
Me: "Did you do something?"
Collier: "Yes...I not want a spankin!"
Me: "What did you do?"
Collier: "I bite him/pinch him/squeeze him/take his bottle. I sorry Breb!"
Seriously, this happens all the time. He admits exactly what happened after denying it and protesting for no spanking. :)
-Collier: "Excuse me."
Me: "Did you toot?"
Collier: "No, I burped."
Me: "You burped out of your booty?"
Collier: "Yep, my booty burped!"
An update is coming soon about how we are handling life in the hotel...1 week down, 4 or 5 to go supposedly! I don't think I've even blogged about why we are out of the house, so I've got a lot to catch up on!  

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