Friday, June 13, 2014


I successfully went almost 2 months without blogging. That wasn't planned, and I'm a tad frustrated with myself that I'm so behind....oh well! I'm not even going to try to play catch-up much. We have had so much going on the past few months it has just been a big blur!
A few of the high points...
-We are alive, we are healthy, the kids are beyond happy...not a lot has changed there!
-We moved back home after a full 6 weeks in the hotel. There is still blue tape all over my house marking things that need to be touched up. It is beyond frustrating to be out that long and things not be fixed the way they need to be. We are getting there, but still not "settled." I haven't unpacked all the boxes, pictures are not back on the wall, but we are in our own beds! The kids randomly break down and ask to go back to the hotel. They loved every second of that! They loved sharing a bed, having a swimming pool, eating whatever they wanted was a dream vacation for them!
-Bretton got released from physical therapy and is doing FAB! He is hitting all of his milestones, and actually exceeding several. He is a rock star, and is doing just great. He should be completely done with his helmet in two weeks!

I'm so behind on updating pictures, but if you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on Facebook, you've seen more than enough! 

I'm hoping to be back in the groove. I've missed you all! :)

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  1. So glad to see you're back!! And I love love love seeing that Bretton is on target and almost done with his helmet!! How exciting is that!?!? I know ya'll must be thrilled. God is so good, isn't He?? Many blessings friend!