Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We've been living...

Oh my goodness...I feel like a scattered mess because I am so behind on "documenting" things for the kids. I let myself feel that way sometimes, and then I realize that we are busy having fun and making memories, and that is what matters! I haven't turned on my computer in over a month, and I had over 1,000 pictures to upload from my iPhone. I want to be better about blogging more often, but Instagram makes things so easy, and I don't take time to sit down very often anymore.  OH WELL. My children are loved, and that's all I ever want them to know. :)
So, here are a few things we've been doing this past very random order.
Landry is still busy being her daddy's biggest fan. I mean, seriously, these two...

We got two kittens...Selena and Beebow (named by the kids). They are adorable outside kitties, and the kids are obsessed!

Mornings are my favorite, and I love the days where we can move slow and stay in our pj's a little bit longer.

Collier wants everything Landry has {period}. Doesn't matter what it is.

 I still have the sweetest and cutest kids ever...I don't see that changing.
Landry mothers Bretton constantly. She was teaching him to brush his "sugar bugs" the other night. :)

Bretton has joined the family band and enjoys playing the drums while I fix dinner.

We survived the Fourth of July...the toddlers ran with fire and everything!

And we have been swimming a lot. Landry is doing great with no floaties, and Collier jumps in without them even though we tell him he can't swim. He says, "yes I can!" as he jumps in and sinks. He does not lack confidence, that's for sure!
Loving these sweet babies of ours. Loving these busy, hectic days.
Hope you are enjoying yours!

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