Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Birthday Party for C and B!

As soon as I found out that we were adopting Bretton and his birthday was going to be within a few weeks of Collier's, I promise you one of the first 10 things I said was, "They will not be having a joint birthday party! They each get their own of everything." Well, the first birthday rolls around, and I'm already breaking my own rule. I'm really good at doing that. :) These brothers love each other so, so, so much (and neither of them have any real friends yet), so it made perfect sense to have a joint party. We had pony rides, a bounce house, a clown, face painting, and lots of fun! Bretton was totally overwhelmed most of the party, and I don't think he really even cracked a smile until half of the people were gone. He's not used to big crowds and all that excitement!
Here are the pictures we got from this special night celebrating my boys.
(Halfway through the party, someone noticed I had something funky on my camera lens. :( Some of my pics didn't turn out super clear.)

The choke down....all love here.

Dado and Nana are the best pony walkers around! 

In case you can't tell, Bretton wasn't a fan of the ponies.

Collier peeing beside the bounce house...and the audience of little girls watching him. Ha!

"Why are you people singing at me and staring at me?"

We bounced in that darn bounce house until 10:00 that night when the people came to pick it up. Landry and Collier were on a sugar high, but so deliriously tired. I was too! We loved celebrating Collier turning 3 and Bretton turning 1 with all of our friends. It was a special night!
I'll do updates on the boys at some point...not making any blogging promises right now because I feel like I have no time for anything! :)

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