Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011!

We had such a good 2010, so it is hard for me to even dream that 2011 might be as great. But, I hope it is!

Here were some big highlights in 2010:
-I transitioned from working to staying at home in March
-Our sweet little Landry was born in April
-We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in August
-We brought Sawyer (the puppy) in to our family in October
-We broke ground on our new house in November
-Micah got a promotion at work in November
-Landry's first Christmas in December
-Lots and lots of love for this little family all throughout the year!

Here are just a few things we are looking forward to in 2011:
-Finding out what baby #2 will be in February
-Landry's first birthday in April
-My little brother graduated college in May
-Family trip #1 to Destin in May
-Baby #2 arrives in August
-Our 3rd wedding anniversary in August
-Family trip #2 to Destin in September
-Lots of love for TWO babies the rest of the year!
-Also, I will be reading through the Bible this entire year with the ladies at church. I am SO excited about this because I have never done it before!

I don't like posting without pictures, so here are the only ones that really turned out from New Years. This is Landry helping daddy cook breakfast on Saturday morning. She loves digging in the cabinets to "help" us find things. :)

Wishing each of you a wonderful 2011 FULL of blessings!

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