Sunday, January 23, 2011


Landry is finally starting to get some hair! It seems like a TON to us since she has been bald for so long, but it is all in the back! I am so ready to chunk all the headbands and just be able to stick a stinkin' bow in her hair. :) We decided to spike her hair up in the bath tonight to show everyone how much she is getting....she would not cooperate for a shot of the back, so this is it!

By the way, please excuse the snotty nose. Landry has been one sick little girl the past few days. Snotty nose, coughing, wheezing. Yuck! They tested her for RSV at the doctor yesterday, but she doesn't have it. We are still doing breathing treatments (which she hates), a steroid, and an antibiotic. Poor little baby!

Ha...crazy girl! She loves showing off those teeth. She hasn't figured out how to show everyone her top ones, but they are there...and sharp!

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