Monday, May 16, 2011

Day One in Destin...

We made it to Destin about 10:00 pm on Saturday night. We flew on Vision Airlines from Little Rock, and the flight was delayed about an hour. Luckily, there were 16 kids on the flight, so we were all pushing bedtime and trying to keep all the babies occupied. Landry acted so good, and we were thankful to not worry about having the only screaming child on the plane. She stayed awake the whole flight and made friends with a 2 year old named Hawkins in the seat in front of us...he was precious! They brought us chocolate chip cookies as a snack, and Landry ate the whole bag herself. :) $19 per ticket was absolutely the best idea ever!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part! We hadn't bought Landry her own ticket, but the lady beside us moved to an extra seat, so Landry got to think she was BIG stuff. She loved looking out the window and crawling from seat to seat.

We had a great first day on the beach. The weather was a little cool, but we still had plenty of sun to get out in the sand for a few hours. Landry enjoyed digging in the sand (eating a little bit), swimming with her daddy, and getting lots of attention. We are off to a great start for the rest of our week!

Last night, we went to eat at a yummy restaurant called Stinky's. It was much better than it sounds! :)

Cousin Chelsea fed Landry her first popsicle. She didn't know what to think about it being so cold!

All the girls piled on the bed to watch the Desperate Housewives finale. :) Yes, we all watch trash runs in the family.

This morning, Landry decided to wake up at 6:00 instead of her usual 8:00, so we took her out on the patio to try to keep it quiet for everyone else.

She ate her banana happily while we drank our coffee. It was so nice! And...yes, she is wearing her shoes over her footie pajamas. We are rednecks!


  1. Are you guys at Villa Coyoba? We are flying out on Sat. from LR too!!

  2. Yep, we are! Is that where you guys are staying too? This is our third year to stay here, and we love it!