Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are home...kind of.

We are back from vacation in Florida, and we are moving. We got back thinking our house was going to be completely ready to move in, but that wasn't the case. We have moved most of our things to the new house, but it is still not livable for Landry and me with all the paint fumes, etc. Currently, we are sleeping on an air mattress and Landry is in her pack-n-play at our "old" house until our tenants move in on Wednesday. Then, we will probably stay with my parents for a few nights until all the final touches are done. We are excited, but it has definitely been a process!

On another note, we had Landry's 1 year (13ish month) pictures done before we left town. Here are a few...more to come soon!

I just love her so much. I miss her even when she is just in the next room sleeping. She is the best thing ever! I hope her brother turns out half as cool as she is. :)

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