Saturday, May 7, 2011

My girl LOVES food!

Landry is a girl after mommy's heart....she loves food! She is such a good eater, and we have yet to find anything that she refuses to eat. She prefers to feed herself at this point, but she will let me feed her yogurt or applesauce if she decides she wants it enough. :) It blows me away that she can eat as much as I do some mornings for breakfast. She just continues to stuff her face until every bit is gone.

For breakfast last week, Landry ate 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and a piece of toast.

She loved it!

Messy from eating broccoli and meatloaf for lunch...

Eating her "appetizer" at a restaurant this weekend. She didn't even pucker up when eating this lemon!

I am so thankful that she likes all types of food-even vegetables. She is such a sweet girl...except for when we try to eat and not share with her! :)

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