Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Date Nights...

Last week, we had date nights with the kids. Micah and Landry went one way, and Collier and I went another. We've talked about doing this for a long time, and finally Chick-fil-a had their Daddy-Daughter night, and it reminded us to get started. We're going to try to do this regularly and switch off which child we take. It is so important and special for us to have one-on-one time with the kids, and Landry really seemed to soak it up (Collier, not so much...ha!). 

Micah came to the front door and picked up his date. He even brought her flowers. She LOVES her Daddy so much! She picked out her dress the night before and begged to put it on all day long. :)

My date was not so excited for Landry and Daddy to leave him behind. :) 

 Landry and Micah went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then he took her to Claire's to pick out new earrings. That was a hit! They came home with a bag full of stuff I won't actually let her wear. "Well, she wanted flip flop and palm tree that not okay?" 
First of all, no. Second of all, they are adult earrings and weigh like 50 pounds. 
LOL. I'm just glad they had fun! 

My date and I met up with some friends to go bowling. I could almost eat Collier up with his precious bowling shoes...I had no idea they came in little sizes! 

He had a big time getting to push the ball down the "slide." He wasn't so great at waiting for his turn, but he is learning. I can't wait to go do this with Landry too! 

After our dates, we met up to feed "our" horse that lives down the street. Landry has named him Cheena for some reason, and each time we leave the house she says, "Everyone look for Cheena!!" 
Cheena loves carrots, and the kids have a blast feeding him. 

We had such a good time with our little stinkers. I can't wait until next time! 

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