Saturday, June 15, 2013

She's kind of right!

Landry has really started to get opinionated about what she wears. She likes to pick things out and put outfits together. We have been working on "matching" (or at least coordinating), and it is really a funny process! 

One morning I picked out the outfit on the left for her to wear. We talked about how the shirt had pink in it, so we found pink shorts to go with it. She decided she didn't want to wear that, so she picked out the green skirt on the right. I told her we would have to look in her closet and find a top to match. She got excited because she knew EXACTLY what would match! 

She pulled out this navy floral dress and said, "It's perfect! This has flowers and so does the skirt!" 
Um...not exactly. :) Please don't judge me on what you might see on my sweet girl's body over the next several months. Ha! 

Landry is such a problem solver and loves to do things for herself. Collier was bothering her while she sat on her stool the other day, so she just moved the stool up to the couch...problem solved. :) 

So far, 3 might be my favorite age yet. I just can't's ALL so good!!

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