Monday, July 22, 2013

Nicaragua: The People

The people in Nicaragua are amazing. They are the reason my heart is longing to go back already! They are just so sweet and genuine, hungry for God's word, and overall just stinkin' happy! Here's a random assortment of a few people I fell in love with while I was there...

Ishmael is 5 years old. In this picture he is working (hard!) on finishing building his home. He was a tough little dude, but so, so precious! (Another post coming about his family and their home.) 

This is Satrunino (in the orange). He is a new pastor that was able to open the "doors" to his church the Sunday that I was in Nica. He is an amazing man of God, and another hard worker. He is the maintenance man for Voice of Hope, the pastor, and I saw him working on Ishmael's house more than once. He doesn't slow down! 
Oscar is on the left. He is the amazing translator that I couldn't have done much without!

David. 12 year old little stinker. 

I didn't get these boys' names, but they were cuties. The older brother brought the baby to church, and there wasn't a mama in sight for about half the service. It's amazing how the older siblings take such good care of the babies!

Sweet little girls at church. The kids sat through the adult service and participated and listened. They are so well behaved compared to kids in the US that it is just crazy! 

This was my boyfriend one day, Luis. The ladies were laughing because everywhere we turned in this neighborhood, he was right beside me. He was super sweet, but a little shy! :)

This little boy was precious! He reminded me so much of Collier! I showed his mama the picture of Collier below, and she agreed that they resembled each other. He made me miss my boy!

Happy family with a freshly bathed, naked baby! 

One of my favorites...."Life is better blonde." Ha! I don't think she had a clue about what it said. 

I literally could have kept this little man forever. What a doll! 

This one too...

Precious friends....hand in hand. 

This is Miracle. She was a sweetie and her mama was too!

The girls loved to pose for pictures and then wanted me to show them what they looked like. 

I seriously was not prepared for how much the kids would love blonde hair. I probably had my hair braided 50 times this day...even by the little boys! 

Sweet boy waiting for his lunch at the feeding center. (A whole post coming about feeding centers too!)

This is Caesar and his little boy. He prayed to receive Christ the morning that I shared the gospel at a neighborhood near the volcano. I am so glad I have his picture and his name so that I can continue to pray for him and his family!

We gave out t-shirts and hats one day. The kids didn't care in the least what the shirts said or looked like, they were just thrilled to have new things! 

Sweet boys THRILLED with their new hats. The one on the right is a hat from DHL! :)

One of the most precious VOH workers, Leslie. 

I miss these sweet faces! Can't wait to share more about the homes and feeding centers with you...God is doing amazing work!

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