Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Reading Minds...

Yesterday, I was trying to get a few pictures of the kids together. I have decided that I can read their minds in these photos, and I would like to share with you what they were each thinking. 

Landry: Ok, if I just smile once, then this will be over. Cheese!

Landry: I did my part, now I'm going to act a fool. 
Collier: Oh my....I can't wait....sister is going to get it for sticking that tongue out!

Collier: Oh, wait....she didn't get it! Maybe I'll try. 

Collier: If the tongue was okay, surely the belly will be okay too! 
Landry: Oh.My.Goodness. Collier is about to get a BIG 'pankin. 

Landry: Ok, mom is being way lenient. I'll show off my belly too!

Both: Oh my goodness! I just love my sibling SO much. My mama has done the bestest job ever ever ever raising such a sweet brother/sister for me! :)

Collier: Ok, what's Landry doing now? Smiling? Ok, I can do that too....

Collier: Cheeeeeeeeese!  

It absolutely cracks me up how these two feed off of one another. 
Too funny! 

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