Friday, August 2, 2013

Constant giggles...

Landry and Collier have been cracking me up lately. Here are a few pictures that I've posted on Facebook, but I haven't had a chance to update the blog with. 

Sweet babies love mexican food...just like mommy and daddy!

We had a great week of VBS last week. The kids loved having someplace to be every day, and it was a blessing to get to hang out with friends, love on the VBS kids, and serve the Lord. 

This girl was slightly worn out from not napping much during the week. She is really fighting and trying to give up taking naps, but then this happens any time we get in the car. Ha! 

Collier was busted eating markers. "Mmmm. Mawkas!" Weirdo. :)

I love that Landry and Collier are getting to stages where they actually talk to each other. It is so funny to hear their conversations and the silly things they want to talk about. Some of my favorite conversations from this past may not care, but this mama wants to remember!

-Landry to Collier: "Get in my stroller precious baby!" Collier: "No! NOT baby!" 
-Collier to Landry: "Play catch me?" (wanting to play catch with the ball) Landry: "Oh, I wish I could, but I can't right now!" 
-Collier: {constantly!} asks "Carry you?" wanting us to carry him. 

-This one happened in the car the other day...we were cheering for Collier because he has learned to buckle his own carseat. Landry kept saying "Go Collier Gibsum, Go!" I was telling her that we would get to be Collier's cheerleaders for a long time because he would probably play baseball, or basketball, or football, or something. I asked her what sports she was going to play so that we could cheer for her. She said, "I'm just going to play with the flowers and Collier can cheer for me." Girly girl. 

Collier's birthday party is tomorrow...I can't believe he's almost 2!! Lots of pictures to come!

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