Friday, August 9, 2013

Smoothies and Cheetos...It's What's for Dinner!

My mind has been total mush this past week. I've had so many things to think about, and nothing is really getting done the right way. 

Collier's birthday party was scheduled for this past Saturday. It was a digging in the dirt party, and we had the biggest monsoon to ever hit NWA Saturday morning. There was a ridiculous amount of standing rain in our backyard, so we had to reschedule to Wednesday. We finally made it through that (pictures coming soon!), and that was such a weight lifted off my shoulders that we got his party in before Bretton's arrival. His actual birthday is Monday (the 12th!), so we'll come up with something fun to do that day. 

Now, speaking of Bretton. He is coming anytime now, really. Birth mama told us that she has had all 5 of her other children 2 weeks early...which would be Sunday the 11th if that happened again. Insane! Problem is, she has skipped a few doctors appointments (one being yesterday), so we have no clue if she is progressing or not. SO, we wait....bags packed, people on call for L and C, washing my hair everyday to be ready (ha!), trying to keep the house put together, and GOING CRAZY! Birth mom says she feels like it will be anytime, but we really have no clue. She also tells me that her longest labor has been 4 hours, and we are exactly 4 HOURS away from where she will pressure. :) 

So, with the midst of all of our craziness, my children have not been fed properly. I totally blank when it's meal time, and my normal meal planning-grocery stocked self is off in la-la land. The other night, Collier (and Micah) were fed Cheetos and smoothies for dinner. The smoothies were, of course, organic and laced with kale to make up for the neon orange death trap of the Cheetos. And that's another thing, normal/sane Lindsey would never buy real Cheetos....I buy Veggie Straws or other puff-type snacks and CALL them Cheetos. My kids have never known the difference...until now, since I've lost my ever loving mind. 

Collier was thrilled. My kids seem to like this crazy mother better than the other one anyway. I'm not sure when or if my normal self will come back, but some sweet friends have reminded me that I probably lost it when I was 9 months pregnant with my other children too. I'M HAVING A BABY SOON for goodness sake...seriously hard to believe!


  1. This is such an exciting time for you...I can't wait to read every detail. Even though I don't know you personally, I am captivated by your story and love to share it with others way over here in South Carolina.

  2. What an exciting time for your family!! Can't wait to "meet" Bretton!!! Will be praying that all goes smoothly!