Friday, November 29, 2013

Busy Beavers...

What's new? Totally behind again, and not in the mood to talk about it today. Ha! Besides just being busy beavers lately, I have been super slow to update because I got a new computer (that I don't know how to use...Windows 8...what?!), my memory card broke off INSIDE my nice camera, and I got a new phone that completely jacked up my life. On top of all of that, we have had something constantly going on with Bretton that requires more attention than usual. Actually, while I was at the doctor with him the other day we got referrals to 3 specialists for different things...always something. He's precious and he's perfect, but I'm drowning slightly with all the additional therapy visits, special bathing needs, etc. More to come on that later when I AM in the mood to laugh and type things without breaking down. :) :)
If I'm being honest, some of my pouty pants mood is probably in part from the fact that Christmas is coming and it reminds my heart SO MUCH of our experience with Parke and anticipating his arrival this time last year. Can't believe his birthday will be here the beginning of January. I feel like this year has been a flash!
So...we have been doing fun things lately...whether I document them or not!
We took a trip across the state a few weeks ago to visit some of Micah's side of the family. His grandma and 3 aunts live over there, and it was so much fun to see everyone. Of course, I didn't take many pictures, but we had a blast!
We stayed with Micah's aunt, Melinda, who is a retired teacher. She has quite the book collection, and the kids LOVE for her to read to them. We always have an awesome time staying with her and she spoils us rotten.

A lot of the family got to meet B for the first time. Micah's younger cousin (who is single and beautiful...might I add) was pressured to hold all 3 kids, and she looks pretty darn good doing it! :)

One of Micah's cousins has the sweetest little 3 year old, and she and Landry laughed and played a lot!

We stopped in Russellville (at Feltner's Whattaburger) on the way home...Micah's pick. The kids were fans!

We have the sweetest baby in the world...

In two seconds while Collier wasn't being watched, he cleared off a few of my shoe shelves and put them in the clothes hamper. They were all mixed up and cluttered, and it prompted me to actually clean my closet. I think Micah might encourage Collier to misbehave in this way again. :)

Collier is obsessed with his baby, and Bretton lets Collier do his thing without any complaint...for now!

We had a fort under the dining room table that stayed up for a full week and was used like crazy. It might need to be a permanent fixture...we've only used the table a handful of times!

I get to spend my days with this free-spirited little miss.

One of my besties from St. Louis has been in town for 2 WEEKS! We get to have a double date tomorrow night, and I'm super excited!

We've been to a few birthday parties. This one was "Ugly Doll," and about the cutest party you've ever seen.

Collier loves to try to put B's hats on and act like a baby in his little bed. :)

My friend Sarah has a son that is 11 days older than Landry. We always tease that they will get married. At another b-day party the other day, Sarah walked up and started fixing Landry's hair for me. I started snapping pics and we laughed that Landry's future mother-in-law was fixing her hair! A picture for the rehearsal dinner FOR SURE. :)

I finally decided on fabric for Bretton's bedding and got it ordered! He should finally have a room in January, and I know Micah will be very happy about that! He's such a good sleeper....goes from 7:30 to 7:30 without eating and only needs his paci a few times. However, he is a LOUD sleeper and keeps his daddy up some nights. ;)
I have a big Thanksgiving update coming, and we even have a few Christmas adventures happening already! Hopefully I can figure out my new technology soon and stop losing my mind...probably highly unlikely!

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