Monday, November 11, 2013

"Camping" Weekend

Last weekend, I told you we were going camping. We went and stayed at Dado and Nana's new hunting getaway, and it was so much fun! The kids had an absolute blast, and we really enjoyed the time as a family. Micah got up early and hunted both mornings, we cooked simple meals, played games, watched movies, and did lots of snuggling. It was a great time of rest for all of us!
Puzzles with Daddy...

Popcorn, hot chocolate, and new Disney movies...

Sweet siblings on their nap-mats. They started out this way and then rolled all over one another all night!

Animal watching at breakfast...:)

Trying to be like Daddy...

And baby rocking....

Love my sweet family, and I love the opportunity to slow down and enjoy them.
It was a blessing to get away from the house where I feel the urge to do laundry, pick up constantly, and always mark something off "the list."
Can't wait to do it again!

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