Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Instagram Update

The last week or so in pictures (and a few words)...
Matching monkey brothers!

 Bretton sometimes gets these sad little scared faces when I talk to him...:) He thinks I'm nuts!

We had to bite the bullet and give B a haircut. His hair was awful because he was losing it in certain places and it was 3 inches long in other spots! Micah pulled out the clippers the SECOND I mentioned it, and before I knew it, we had a little man!
A lot came off, but it is even now...and it will grow back. :)

 Landry's BFF, Grace, and her sweet mama came over for lunch one day. The girls had a fancy tea party...chicken nuggets and all.
Collier was sad, so we had to make him a picnic close to the girls. :)

Gymnastics hair....and looking big!

Sleeping baby. Love!

I got to meet the most precious couple that was in town from North Carolina adopting their first child. She found my blog and reached out to me about Parke's story. They had experienced adoption loss (at 38 weeks gestation), and we had a lot to talk about! They were so nice, and their sweet Marshallese boy was adorable! I'm hoping we get to stay in touch and watch our boys grow.

 Lunch date with my hubby! We like food...I take pictures of food.
Red Beet Hummus was interesting and good!
Non-kid food makes my heart flutter. :)

Our stocking collection was completed...

And...we've gone through 2 boxes of Band-Aids this week.
Have a blessed rest of the week!

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