Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boring or Just Busy?

I am not sure if my life has just been extremely busy or really boring lately, but I have not taken many pictures. Here is a little bit of what we have been up to...
  • Landry is now 10 1/2 weeks old. I had to count on the calendar because I am a bad mom and I don't keep up with that stuff very well! :) She is smiling constantly, and I LOVE it. She has such a sweet little personality, but she also has a lot of sass! This sweet girl and I are probably going to go round and round one day, but I am sure I am sassier than she will ever be! She loves to snuggle (I prayed for that!), to eat, to have music playing, to stare at the T.V., and to go on walks outside. She is sleeping 6-7 hour stretches right now, and it is heavenly!

  • We went down to Micah's parents again last weekend and had so much fun visiting. We got to spend lots of fun time with Gigi, Papa-D, and Aunt Emily. I learned how to shell beans (I think it is called shelling), and it was so much fun! We ate lots of yummy vegetables grown in Micah's mom's garden.

  • We have been doing lots of shopping. Landry has a closet full of clothes for next summer that we got for at least 40% off. I love clothes, but I love a bargain on clothes even more!

  • We went to the Farmer's Market in Fayetteville today (Tuesday) with my friend, Kate. It was really nice to miss the huge Saturday crowd and still get lots of awesome vegetables. Kate and I even split a tub of peaches that I cannot wait to do something with! After the market, we went to eat yummy grilled cheese sandwiches at Hammontree's off of Dickson. Whoever thought of opening a restaurant that revolved around grilled cheese was a genious...the Caprese Melt was unbelievable. Then, since we hadn't eaten enough, we went over to Bliss Cupcake Cafe for a quick dessert. Fun, fun day!

Like I said, I haven't taken many pictures, so here are the only ones I have.

Landry napping in her bouncey seat. She is really taking a liking to Curly the Pig! :)

Landry is a good online shopping buddy...even though she falls asleep sometimes!

Sweet, sweet baby. I could hold her forever!

I hope everyone has a great week! I will be sure to take some pictures this weekend to be able to post some more recent shots.

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