Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun times at MiMi's...

On Wednesdays my mom watches my nephew, Judd. Landry and I try to make it by there to visit and play most weeks. Judd is so funny when he loves on his cousin...he will run up as soon as we get there and kiss her hands and feet. He doesn't understand yet that she is too little to play. Yesterday, he wanted her to play catch with him!

Judd checking Landry out when we first got there.

He loves to give her pats on the back. We have to remind him to be easy sometimes. :)


Size comparison. Landry has a ways to go before she catches up! I have no doubts that she will be wider than him though!

We had such a fun day hanging out and getting to spend time with Judd and MiMi yesterday. At one point while we were there, MiMi went in the other room to change Landry's diaper. Judd and I were playing and all the sudden he said, "Where's Landry?" (not quite that clearly). I told him that MiMi went to change her diaper and that they would be back in just a minute. When my mom walked back in the room with her, Judd said, "There HE is!" I don't know if he will like her as much once he realizes she is a girl! :)

After we left, I tried to get a few more shots of Landry. She was NOT having it!



I promise after I captured these adorable shots on camera, I picked her up and loved on her a little extra for being so mean. :)

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