Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend...

On Father's Day weekend we went down to Lavaca to spend some time with Micah's family. We had so much fun going out to their farm one evening and taking some pictures. It is BEAUTIFUL...wait til you see these pictures!

Monica's sunflowers

Micah, Gigi (Micah's mom), and Landry

The dock...

Back towards the barn...

The pond...this is my favorite picture!

Gigi and Landry

Micah and happy father! :)

Our little family in front of the old dump truck. I think it is so neat, but I might be crazy! :)

Papa-D and Landry

Landry with Papa-D and Gigi in one of her two gardens. Thanks Gigi for all the yummy veggies!
It was a gorgeous night when we went out to check the garden and walk around a bit. Again, Landry LOVES to be outside, so she was having a good time. I think Micah had a good first Father's Day weekend...such a special day that only happens once!

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