Thursday, May 17, 2012


I know that I probably sound like a broken record all the time, but we are seriously at a fun stage in our lives right now! Collier is developing SUCH a personality, and Landry is just as sassy and entertaining as ever. Everyday it is something new for at least one of the babies. Landry is talking in full blown sentences, and Collier is starting to say his first few words. I can only imagine how noisy our house will be next year with TWO jabbering toddlers. Ha!

Last week, we had our favorite {almost} 10th grader over to play. Jane Anne loves my babies, and they sure love her too. These two pictures below are so funny because you can see the extremes in Landry's personality. One second happy, one second silly, and on and on. She is a mess!

Speaking of her being a mess, there are several things she is saying right now that I don't want to forget. The other night, we were eating spaghetti for dinner. Micah and I weren't paying attention, and we all the sudden heard her saying, "I washin' my body!" Silly girl had spaghetti sauce in her hand, and she was rubbing it all over her belly, arms, and legs!

Other updates on Ms. Sassy:
-She can count to 15 and says her ABC's clearly.
-I didn't know until yesterday, but she pretty much has her number and letter recognition down too!
-She can spell her name (thanks MiMi).
-She knows all of her main colors, but always seems to get black and white confused.
-She loves to count objects, but never gets it right. She just likes to keep counting!

Other funny things she is saying:
-A few days ago, I was pouring her smoothie that Micah made her for breakfast. She got so upset that Micah wasn't doing it for her, and she yelled, "Mama! Stop stealin' my boothie!!"
-Landry sleeps with a bed FULL of things. She has her "piyow," "bankets," and lots of stuffed animals. Every night when we put her down, we cover her up and hand her one of her babies that she sleeps with. Every night, without fail, when we hand her the first baby, she immediately says "My TWO baby!" She sleeps all night long with a baby on each side. It is so cute how she cuddles them, covers them up, pats them, etc. She is going to be a sweet mama (maybe to twins!) one day. :)
-Landry is (what I consider) potty trained. Over the last week, she has only had one or two accidents, and she quickly tells me when it is happening. She always tells us when she needs to go, and she is really good about giving us notice where we don't have to RUSH to the bathroom. She definitely has more accidents when we are away from home because I let her wear a pull-up when we are out.
The other day we were at TJ Maxx and she told me that she needed to potty. I took her in the restroom, but the toilets were the nastiest thing I have ever seen. Honestly, those of you who know me know that I am NOT a germaphobe, but there was no way my baby was sitting/touching/grasping/poking/exploring anything that was going on in those stalls. So, I told Landry, "Mommy is sorry, but you can't go potty here. You will have to hold it." She looked at me with the most serious face, pointed her little finger at me, and said, "Mommy, no accents!"
I still didn't take her, and she did have an "accent" on the way home. Oh well, she didn't get some random disease from the toilet, so we are good. :)

Only one more...I promise.
-As you can imagine, sometimes my house is a little chaotic. There are times where I see Landry doing something, can't get to her, and just have to holler and give her "the look." Lately, when I shout her name or call for her, she says "What?" Not in a sassy way necessarily, but I just think it is hilarious. The other day, I said her name, she asked "What?" and I was still busy and didn't respond. She stopped what she was doing, came over, tapped me on the leg and said "What?" continued tapping, "What?" until I answered her. She is really growing up way too fast!

Moving on to Mr. Collier. He is also growing too fast. I took him in for his 9 month appointment this morning, and he is a tall boy! He is in the 90th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight.
Other updates on Collier:
-He is pulling up on everything and walking behind the toys that move.
-He will let go of things and stand for several seconds on his own.
-He is starting to say "hi" and wave.
-He loves to eat and always wants what is on our plates.
-He is in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.
-I'm not sure on shoes because he screams every time I try to put shoes on him. :)
-He went from having 2 teeth to 8! A few are still pushing through, but I am saying 8 because he has worked hard for these 6 coming in at once!
-Still nursing, still no bottle, still no sippy, still no paci.  
-Collier is a total explorer and super fast. He can get into things that I didn't know were around and have a total mess before I know it. Landry was not like this at all!
-He loves taking baths and splashing in the water. The pictures below are of him a few nights ago. He loves to stick his head under the water while it is running. It is so funny, and doesn't seem to phase him at all! :)

So, as you can see we are at a very fun, but very busy phase in our lives. I love these two babies so much...and all the craziness that comes along with them! 


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    1. She is at such a funny stage right now! :) Hope you are doing well!!