Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Trip to Dallas...

So, we found out several months ago that Micah won a trip for his production at work. He won the same award last year, but we already had a family vacation planned during the same time. We were so excited to get to go to Dallas this year, stay at the Four Seasons, go to fun dinners, play golf (Micah), lounge at the spa (ME!), and just have a fun get-away without babies. Well, little Collier changed our plans for us since he refused to be left behind (I probably could have left him, but he wouldn't have been able to eat for 4 days...and honestly probably wouldn't have. He is so stubborn!).
So, plans changed, but we still had a wonderful, wonderful trip! We found a babysitter through my cousin who used to live in Dallas, so we were still able to go out to all the fun dinners each night. The hotel had a kids area where Collier was able to go for a few hours while I went to the spa and then lounged by the pool with a friend. I didn't take my camera with us, so I only have a few pictures from my phone to share.

This is what I did a few days in a row. :)
I had two massages while I was there, and then went back one day just to relax in the spa area. I put a cold towel over my face and didn't move for an hour. No one talked to me, and it was heavenly.

Little man and I spent a lot of one-on-one time together. He is such a sweety, and his personality seems to really come out when he is by himself. Maybe I am just able to pay attention more...? Anyway, I loved getting special time with him!
He grabbed Micah's glasses off the nightstand, and got them on his face! How funny is that!?

One day when I ordered room service, it was 30 minutes late. The next day, they delivered "house-made truffles" in a pretty box with a fancy ribbon to apologize. I took a bite out of all 5 different kinds, and Micah quickly finished off the box later. They were delicious!

Collier-bean got to go swimming for the first time, and he loved it! He was so good, and didn't even make a peep at the pool until we got him in the water. Then, he was splashing, laughing, and smiling SO big. So sweet! :)

Love my little man...and his muffin top!

Micah and I got to go out to dinner Saturday night with some good friends that live in Dallas.

Kristin and Brad were our "dinner dates" for Saturday night. She is seriously one of my favorite people ever. It was super fun to have time together as couples....especially since she and I got to lounge by the pool together and catch up the day before! Love these sweet friends!
 Well, you might be wondering what Landry did while we were gone. She stayed with Mimi (my mom) and had a big time. One night was my mom's birthday, so they went out to dinner with my brother, grandparents, etc. It was also my SIL's birthday, so my mom ended up keeping their kids overnight one night too...3 kiddos 3 and under! By the way, my step-dad was out of town. Crazy Mimi! Needless to say, she was pretty exhausted by the time we came to pick Landry up, but I know she enjoyed every minute of it!

We Face-Timed with Landry every day, and she was always so happy to see Collier!
This day, she was not so happy because she wanted to talk to her Daddy and he was gone golfing. Seriously, look how excited I am to talk to her and then the devastation on her face.

My mom texted this picture of the 3 monkeys swinging...

And this picture just makes me laugh. When she texted it I thought they were baking cookies or making pudding or something along those lines. When I asked, my mom said that they were helping her stir up the scrambled eggs. Um...pretty positive that Landry is taking a BIG bite of whatever was in her bowl. :)

Anyway, our trip ended up being so much fun! So thankful that Micah was able to have a little break from work and relax a little bit. We are home and back in full swing...he has even had to wake up before 5 the past 3 mornings to have time to work out and make it to early meetings. Stinky, stinky, stinky. We are looking forward to a beach trip in the super-near future with my side of the family, so that is making the crazy schedule a little more tolerable! :)

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