Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Weather...

I hope everyone else has been enjoying this fabulous December weather like we have! It was 60 degrees today, and we took advantage of it. If this tells you anything, Landry was allowed to pee pee outside 3 times. :) She kind of takes advantage of the situation because she thinks that is so much fun, but we really were outside for a long time this afternoon! I love these days, and I can't believe Christmas is only 7 days away!

In other news, I found Landry's bed today! It is going to take some work, but hopefully I will have it fixed up and ready for her room before Parke's arrival. 

I'm heading to Little Rock tomorrow to meet with more doctors at Arkansas Children's Hospital and take birth mother to see a high-risk OB. We will make some final decisions tomorrow, so I should have a big update in the next few days. 

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