Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa "Cause"

I took the kids to see Santa "Cause" (as Landry calls him) last night. Landry liked it, but she didn't know she was supposed to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She came up with "candy!" pretty quickly. :) Collier was tired and very uncertain about the whole thing. Santa handed him his magic ball and Collier clung tight to blankie long enough for one picture. 

 5 minutes and $40 later, we were done! That is ridiculous to charge so much for a digital picture with Santa, but I bet we do it again next year! 
Collier spiked a fever right after, so that caught me off-guard. He had been acting fine all day and then just pooped out on us. He is the child that sleeps NOWHERE besides his bed, and this was him passed out on Mimi. Sweet boy! He seems fine today, and I noticed two teeth breaking through (finally after a year of no teething!)...I am sure those are to blame even though my Daddy-dentist would argue with me. Ha!

The kids and I did a Christmas craft this past weekend (with some help from Gigi). I stole the idea from a Facebook friend, and they turned out so cute!! I hope I remember and do this every year to see how much they grow. 

Here is our Santa picture from last year...they have changed just a little! :)

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