Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toy Swap...

We had a great Christmas with our two munchkins. It was busy, and we were 1 million places over 4 days, but it was great. I have several pictures left to upload, but here is a quick little post. I couldn't wait to share these silly pictures!
I'm telling you the absolute truth....Landry wanted every toy Collier opened, and he wanted every toy she opened. We let the kids open a few gifts from us before all the Christmas madness began. Landry got a pink "shootin' thing" aka: rifle, and Collier got a chainsaw with safety goggles. Landry has gone nuts with the chainsaw, but she especially loves the goggles. :) She puts them on all the time...even to play with her baby dolls. 

Hope you all had a great Christmas as well! Through the hustle and bustle, there was still a little cloud lingering over our family with the thought of the weeks to come with sweet Parke. I don't have much of an update to share with you, but will keep you posted as I can. 
More Christmas pics coming soon! 

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