Monday, December 31, 2012

This Christmas...

Merry Christmas....a few days late!

We had a busy Christmas this year, but it was great. We did 4 Christmas celebrations in 4 days...and then one a few days later. It was total chaos, but I loved every minute of watching Landry and Collier rip open all the boxes. 
I didn't take many pictures because I was busy trying to keep Collier off of stairs, out of fires, out of toilets, and inside houses. He is a WILD man! 
We talked about Parke a lot this Christmas and discussed the story with lots of family members. It is nice to talk about, but hard all at the same time. I didn't stop thinking about him once. I am extremely blessed with our two current monkeys and excited to welcome our new monkey very soon. :) 

The pictures are all jumbled and some out of order, but you'll get the point...we had fun!

Christmas at Dado and Nana's...

The hottest gift of the year. A Cinderella Vanity...good job nana!

A visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus at G.G. and Pepaw's

Trying to have fun on the road trip!

Micah and his Jonesboro cousins...

Lavaca at Grandmama and Granddad's. 

Christmas dinner at my mom's...

We rescheduled Christmas with Micah's parents since the roads were getting iffy. The kids loved having a break and then getting spoiled all over again!

We had a blessed year, and I hope you did too! 
We wish your family a great 2013!

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