Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Disney Vacation...Part One!

We got back from our long weekend at Disney World on Monday. We planned this trip for the "big" kids after Parke passed away and before we found out about Bretton. It was hard leaving our sweet 3 1/2 week old behind, but we had a great (and exhausting!) time with Landry and Collier. While we were there, I was SO thankful that I didn't try to "super-mom it" and take Bretton with us. We all would have struggled and wouldn't have been able to rush around like we did.
I'm posting just a few pictures today, and then the photo bomb will drop tomorrow with everything else. The ongoing theme you will see in most of the pictures is that Collier was totally un-interested. His favorite part of the entire trip was riding the bus to and from the resort. He would cry while we were at the park and ask to go ride the bus...hilarious. Landry had the time of her life, and she has not stopped talking about the princesses since we left. She dressed up every day and met all of her favorite people!
We hope to go back again, but we will probably try to wait until Bretton is AT LEAST 2. Maybe he will be a little more laid back than Collier and our trip could still be pleasant. Ha!
My attempt to get a picture of L and C together in front of the castle. Collier pranced around and stood everywhere except where I wanted him. :)

 So...individual pics will do. Sweet boy!

 My dramatic little princess.
A nice man came up to her one day and said, "Oh my goodness! You look just like a princess!" Landry looked at him with a very serious face and said, "I am." (like, duh!)
Oh my, she was in princess mode for sure!

The kids missed Bretton while we were there, and it was a little confusing for Landry at times. She asked if Bretton went to be with baby Parke, and we had to explain to her again and again that wasn't where he was. When we left Friday morning, my mom came to get Bretton from us. After it all sunk in for Landry, she would tell total strangers, "My Mimi took my baby brother, but she's going to give him back!" :)
The precious little minds of children.
I loved the memories we made this weekend. This was our first real family vacation (minus B) without grandparents. We've done weekend trips with the kids before, but this was the first big trip as a little family. It was really funny when we realized, and I told Micah it made me feel like a grown-up. Ha! He didn't say that, but I think it made him feel that way too. It kind of reiterated what we were talking about last week that WE (the 5 of us plus precious P in heaven) are our own family and our little "team" is the most precious blessing God has given us. We are so grateful for the time we get to spend together! 

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