Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney Photo Overload...

Here are all of our fun pictures from Disney. We had such a fun time! :)
The first night we got there, we did Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Landry dressed up as "Lapunzel" (aka: Landry as Rapunzel...ha!). We borrowed a Mickey costume from a friend because we didn't think Collier would dress up. That was pretty much how it went...we actually had to force him to put his outfit on after he wet out of his diaper and ran around the park without pants for a few hours. We were total rednecks and loved every second of it.
The cheesiest princess smile you have ever seen. She was having a blast!

We stayed at the park until 11:00 that night and had a very sleepy (and half naked) Mickey and a passed out princess. 

The second day, we started off with breakfast with Cinderella and her princess friends in the castle. Landry loved it, and Collier could have cared less. A few people made comments about how uninterested Collier was. He wanted the cheesy eggs and all the sweets though!

We rode some rides after breakfast and then went back to the resort to change clothes and rest for a while. When we got back, we had more time to meet the kids' other favorite characters and ride more rides.


Ok, so Rapunzel was the one who finally won Collier over. He LOVED her. His shirt had Paschal on it, and she really talked it up. It was absolutely precious. A funny man in line behind us said, "He's a stud!" Hahaha!

A quick game of peekaboo with Snow White...why not?

 The most important mouse!

Pure joy...

A 10:30 PM visit with Tinkerbell...Collier was somewhere behind me throwing himself on the ground and screaming. :)

Our last day, we ended up doing Hollywood Studios. We hadn't planned on this (planned to do Magic Kingdom the whole time), but the kids loved it! They had the Disney Junior characters there, and that was a big hit!

Lots of 3D fun!

Collier was terrified of Woody and Buzz (seriously, they were over 7 feet tall!), but he ended up picking out a Buzz souvenir.

Poor Collier asked to see Pluto the whole trip, and when we finally ran in to him, he was passed out! At least we had a picture to show him. :)
 2 1/2 days of Disney madness wore this little 2 year old out. I'm sure he won't remember much of this trip, but he had a lot of fun for the most part!
I'll go ahead and start planning our next trip in a few years. Can't wait to go back!

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