Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We're reunited!

Bretton and I got to leave Oklahoma last week and come home! We got here a few days before Micah got back from beach vacation with the "big" kids, and it was nice to get settled in a bit before the chaos of real life with 3 busy babies started.
Bretton was a little bummed to leave Uncle Tyler and Aunt Emily. We really had a good time living with them for over a week!

But, friends were waiting in the driveway when we got home to meet our newest man!

Bretton has settled in to being an Arkansan pretty quickly. He is honestly the best baby. He sleeps amazingly well at night, eats great, will take any bottle or pacifier I put in his mouth, goes from formula to breast milk (donated by 3 of my most precious friends) like it's nothing, and sits quietly and contently the rest of the day. He's a doll! Hope this bliss continues...

He and I went to Saturday night church while we were waiting on Daddy and the kids to get home...
And he was snuggled by more sweet arms!

 Our family was reunited late Saturday night and we spent all day Sunday loving on and snuggling with one another. We were all happy campers.

Monday was my first day alone with all 3 kiddos. I planned on staying home and adjusting a bit. Instead, I took all 3 monkeys to the doctor! Collier has a double external ear infection (from swimming), Landry's chest was congested (normal for her with any weather or climate change), and Bretton needed a weight check. We were all still alive when we left, and we even met up with Micah for lunch!
B is up to 8 pounds and 7 ounces...growing like crazy!

Tuesday, I lugged all the babies to Bible study, and Bretton got to hear some teaching and have quality time with our small group. :) That afternoon, we had our babysitter come and I was able to feed Bretton, stick him in his swing, and have a quick date with each of the other kids before he woke up!
Coffee and Sam's Club with my absolute favorite girl...

Sephora returns and Fresh Market with my middle man...
Good thing he doesn't know what a "fun" date is yet. He's just thrilled to get one-on-one time! :)
So...we're getting back in a routine. I'm hoping to get better about taking pictures and get back on the blogging train. I hate missing out on documenting theses sweet milestones for the kids.
Coming tomorrow...the most hilarious Landry quotes you've ever read. She keeps me rolling!

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