Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, once again, I didn't blog when I intended to. I think this is going to be the story of my life for a while. Honestly, this past week has been interesting. God has been working in my life to just clear our some junk...and has been speaking to me through the strangest circumstances.
 I am refocusing on what matters most to me, and sometimes blogging just isn't it. If I have to choose between snuggles or blogging...snuggles win every time! I'm so stinkin' grateful for this little family that God has chosen just for Micah and I to share. I know that being a mommy to my needy, wonderfully funny, painfully challenging, precious babies is exactly where I'm supposed to be.
 So, part of what refocusing means is that {so sorry}, but you don't matter as much to me at this point. :) What I mean by that is I feel guilty every once in a while for not keeping up with the blog more regularly because I know some of you check in on us everyday...and I love you for that. But, I'm getting back to blogging purely for selfish reasons...to document this little life of ours for our kids. To write things down so that my terrible memory has words and pictures to stir the moments back in my mind and bring me back to these precious days once again. Landry has really started enjoying looking back at our blog books from the past several years, and it is so fun to have multiple things from each week of her life that I can show her. So, so fun to see her reaction to hearing sweet stories about herself! :)
So, besides snuggling (which we've been doing a lot of), Landry has become the best little helper. I am seriously going to do a post of her quotes soon, but one of her favorite things is for her to be the "mommy." She wants to do everything I do, and she wants to do it herself. She helped me bake cookies the other day and did lots of the measuring and pouring all by herself. She even unwrapped the butter, and only snuck about 100 M&M's.

She stood on those tip-toes forever...I don't know how she wasn't in pain. Ha!
She loves to feed baby Bretton, and will even bring me diapers when he needs to be changed. I can't convince her to learn that part yet. Ha!

Currently, Landry and Collier are attached at the hip. Landry is the first thing Collier asks for in the morning, and they cry when they leave each other. They are the most precious little buddies!
These moments are just too sweet to miss.
So, my blog posts may be regular...or they may not be. We will see.  

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  1. Blessings on you as you use your time in the wisest way possible...and only you can determine that. I do check frequently in hopes of seeing/reading something special, but that is selfish on my part. Your precious children deserve your undivided attention; your understanding readers know that you will give them nothing less.