Monday, October 14, 2013


Collier Gibson has my whole, all of it. Which doesn't make sense because I still have tons of love for my other babies and precious husband, but SERIOUSLY, I could not love him one ounce more or I would explode.
He is absolutely rotten, ornery, smart, sweet, cuddly, and perfect. He wears me down, but then he makes it all better with his soft heart and kisses.
Collier is two, and he is doing TWO year old things. He doesn't mind well, he doesn't "understand" a lot of reasoning, he throws fits, and he thinks he's the boss. Landry didn't really go through a terrible two's phase, so some of this is new to me!
His vocabulary has exploded in the past month or so, and he talks in a big person! He still has some baby talk, and says lots of things that don't make sense. I need him to be a baby a little bit longer. :)
Occasionally, we let the kids sleep in our bed. Maybe once a month or so, he will ask to "nuggle," so we let him. He has become the WORST bed hog. He used to sleep in one little spot and not move. Now, he sprawls out, kicks the covers, wants his legs right on top of you, and smothers you with his rotten smelling blanket. Some nights, it's worth having him in there for the sweet snuggles...other nights, not so much!
 Collier is {capital O} Obsessed with his newest baby brother. He wants to "hold it" all the time and then says, "take my picture!" Every time Bretton makes a peep, Collier yells, "She's cryin'!" He knows he is a boy and that it is his brother, but for some reason when the crying starts he turns into a girl?
I have to keep an eye on him constantly when he is around Bretton because he will go try to pick him up out of whatever he is in. Unlatches the swing, climbs in his pack-n-play, pulls him out of the nap nanny to hold him, etc. He knows no limits...
Other funny things Collier is saying/doing:
-When he hides from us and we start saying, "Where's Collier?!" He will yell, "I don't know!" from his hiding spot. :)
-He loves to tell people that he's 2, but he holds up all 5 fingers.
-When strangers ask him what his name is, he answers, "name."
-The moment I say, "one" when Collier is in trouble he says, "No count!"
-He loves to compliment Landry, and I have heard him say "good job Nanny" and "well done!" to her multiple times this week. Sweet boy!
-When someone says they want something, Collier says, "Me three!" {instead of "me too."}
-When he is finished eating and says, "I'm done," it comes out, "I dumb!" He keeps yelling it until we get him down. Micah has started responding, "No, you're smart!" People look at us very funny when we are out with a child professing loudly that he is dumb! :)
-Potty training is hilarious. We haven't officially started, but the few times we have put him on the potty and tell him to go, he wiggles his pointer finger in the potty and says, "Pssss...I dumb!" and bails from the toilet. Total mess!
Every day is an adventure with this one. I'm so thankful!

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