Thursday, October 31, 2013

WAY behind...

Exactly one million years ago I didn't have Instagram, and I was a better blogger. I have been so behind on keeping up with things because Instagram lets me post things so quickly that I feel like I'm all up to date. Except, those pictures don't print in my blog book for the kids, SO I must get back to a regular posting routine. :)
Seriously, some of these pictures are over a month old!
Way back in early September, some of my sweetest friends had a sip-and-see to welcome baby Bretton home from Oklahoma. He got more monogrammed items than you have seen in your entire life, and he was snuggled crazy by all my friends.

Later that same day (you know, way back in September) Bretton went to his first Razorback game with his Daddy and I. Actually, I think he just tailgated, but that's pretty much all we've done this year. Games have been terrible! :)

Newborns are easy to take anywhere, so B got to be philanthropic and attend his first charity event. :)

Bretton has been snuggled silly and roughed up by his siblings. Collier loves to "hold it," and Landry thinks she's his mama.

I posted about how much Bretton loved to be swaddled like a little burrito...
Then, within a few days he was busting out and we had to change our plan. :)

Collier turned 12, and requests to play on "his" iPad and phone all the time. He is GOOD at all the games and puzzles, but it makes me feel like he is so big! 

 Landry pretty much refuses to make a serious face in a picture. She loves to be silly all.the.time.

I brushed up on my coloring and cutting skills one morning. Collier hated his mask, so Landry and I got to be animals all day. :)

We had a few beautiful days where we played outside in our pj's and sunbathed when we were tired.

Collier loves to put things on Bretton's head and make them "hats."

We all got dressed in our matching Arkansas outfits for another game one Saturday...

Dado and Nana babysat all three monkeys, and Dado enjoyed napping with the baby (and the Barbies). :)
We celebrated my Papaw's 90th birthday! He is such a good man, and we had fun celebrating with family...

Landry and Laurel riding the pony.

Uncle Tyler and Aunt Emily were reunited with their former roomie. :) They missed him!
I realized I have one of the most handsome men in all the world...neck tie and all.

 I got in Collier's crib for extra snuggles one day...

because most of the time when he is awake he wants to be right at Daddy's feet!

We've all been sick at least once this month with EVERYTHING. I'm hoping that we are in the clear for the rest of the year since we all got it out of the way at once.
We had lots of slumber parties with all 5 of us in our room. Air mattresses, pack-n-play, and lots of snuggles...

Then we felt better, and life was good again!

Someone has started writing her name on her own...and is so proud!

We celebrated health with doughnuts one morning...and maybe cupcakes one afternoon...or ice cream. I've got to get off the sugar!


2 carts, Halloween costumes, and meltdowns at Sam's Club...

Precious little missy started "anastics" last week. Just incase you were wondering, when you go to gymnastics, you "nast." :)

Baby B had his 2 month check-up yesterday and was healthy as a horse! He's 11 pounds 12 ounces and has grown an inch since birth.

He does have major cradle cap, so the doctor suggested Selsun Blue. :) He looked so funny all lathered up. Hope it works!

The kids have started perusing magazines for Christmas presents. Landry wants everything she sees a commercial for, and Collier has no clue. He picks out girl toys or things we already have at our house. The clothing bags on their heads are just perfect, aren't they? Collier goes along with almost anything his big sister suggests. :) 

Ok, my pictures are cleared up, and I feel better. Hopefully, I can make myself do an Instagram post once a week to keep up-to-date and everything caught up. My kids are just too sweet for you not to have updates, right? :) Halloween pictures coming soon, and then we have a weekend full of "camping" (in a cabin, but not a FANCY-shmancy cabin) with all 3 kids. It should be fun, fun, fun and make my husband happy, happy, happy! 

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