Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Christmas Craft...

Last week a few of my favorite friends (who happen to be sisters) offered to come help me put up my Christmas decorations. The afternoon came, and I decided that we would just let the kids decorate the playroom tree together because I had a project I wanted them to do. Also, none of us could actually reach the top of our 12 foot tree anyway...Micah ended up decorating the main tree all by himself this year. Top to bottom, he did it...and it looks good!
So, I saw this project on Pinterest where the kids filled clear ornaments with pompoms. Super simple, and super cute. I stocked up on the supplies for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby, and the kids stuffed ornaments for a good 30-45 minutes while the mamas visited and supervised. Even super young kids could enjoy this craft with a little help!

Landry and her buddy, Saul, were pretty darn proud of their creations!

Then, it was tinsel time, and Landry was really the only one in to that! :) She wrapped and twirled and loved decorating.

And here it is...the perfect little tree! Decorated by several precious little hands! :)

A close-up of the ornament. I thought they turned out so cute!
Christmas festivities are in full swing around our house!

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