Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Big Snow!

Oh my kids have been loving this crazy snow in Northwest Arkansas! We didn't measure, but I have heard people say we got close to 12 inches.
It is so funny how it takes 30 minutes to get the kids bundled up to be in the snow for 10 minutes, but it is worth it! I got the kids layered up on Friday, and we headed out. It was still snowing really hard, and Landry and Collier loved watching the big snowflakes.
I got a few priceless pics of my sweet girl that day. Collier didn't slow down enough to get his picture taken...he was "shoveling" the snow and running around squealing because he was so excited!

I sure do love her, and I especially love the fact that she begged to wear a princess dress while playing in the snow. Cracks me up!
Micah and I had a fancy event to attend last night. I wasn't that excited about having to get out in the snow and ice in my heels, but we had such a good time! It was so nice to get out and spend the evening with friends supporting a great cause!

Since the weather was wild, we picked up our babysitter yesterday and just had her spend the night with us. We got up this morning, and Micah took the kids on the "vroom vroom" while Emmy played with them in the snow. They LOVE having "bisitors" here. 
Landry got to go with Daddy first...

and Collier was less than thrilled that he had to wait!

He got over it quickly and loved throwing the snow. :)

Emmy taught Landry to make snow angels.

Collier finally got to go "vroom."
(We did cover up their faces while they rode...just fyi. It was SOOOOO cold!)

Collier decided that he would try to ride his tricycle on the snow, and that didn't work out too well.
Doesn't he look adorable in his mama's scarf? :)

And the girls built a tiny snow man.

We've had a blast experiencing their first real time to play in the snow.
I love, love, love seeing this sweet smile!
Now, it would not hurt my feelings one bit if the ice would melt and the roads would clear. We've had our fun...:)

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