Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Picture Outtakes!

I've told you before that we love our family photographer...she is great. Even though that is the case, family pictures are always torturous. Trying to keep Micah happy (by managing time and making it snappy)...chasing the two totally crazy toddlers, trying to keep them half way clean, bribing them with ice cream, and then dealing with the absolute meltdown of the century when they don't mind and you tell them they aren't getting said ice cream...then a newborn that likes to stay warm so you wait until the last second to pull him out of the car for a picture and he spits up all over himself. (Not that any of those things happened during this lovely photo shoot).
I could tell horrendous stories about just about every beautiful family photo we have framed in this house! :)
I am always giggling when we get our pictures back and see the "outtakes." These are normally the ones that I would not choose to print or share but just keep them in the folder for later in case I ever need a good laugh.
 Well, lucky I feel like sharing! :)
Here are a few of my favorite pictures that won't be making the Christmas card this year...
"He suckin' my finger!"

Zoned out...

Weasel face...

Brotherly love and pouty pants sister...

"I want to smell his belly button!"

And maybe eat it?

Poor Collier did NOT want to lay down.

"Everyone look at the dadgum camera, please!"  
 Landry is obviously some sort of animal with claws...


I'm not even sure...

Lots of nose picking :)

And a girl that could not handle one.more.picture!!
You're welcome!
Our photographer can be found on Facebook at Stephanie Henderson Photography. We really did get some great ones that I will share at some point. :)

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