Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clearing out for Christmas...

I desperately need to clear out pictures before I start my explosion of Christmas photos. These are pictures from the whole month of December. I just can't keep up blogging right now, but my kids are having their pictures taken regularly. :)
Kids are in bed, Santa is about to come, and we're celebrating our Savior's birth tomorrow. Can't wait to share those pictures with you!
These are totally random...here it goes.
Sister and I enjoyed an incredibly warm December evening at the mall by eating cookies outside.

Bretton has been reaching and trying to help hold his bottle. 

Landry finally named her Bitty Twins from last Christmas...Chico and Elise.
Collier loves Flying Burrito...and all food.

Cutest picture I've ever seen...wish Landry wasn't all blurry!

Lots of snuggling and Christmas movie watching have been going on...

Bretton LOVES watching Collier play.
 Lots of snow...

Christmas Cookie Day with Mimi and Papa Marc...

Sweet Laurel was a fan of the icing, and I'm a fan of her...cutest niece ever! :) :)

Sibling love...

Make your own grilled cheese station...

A slumber party for these two besties...

Bretton outgrew a bunch of clothes...

Micah, Bretton, and I took a trip to St. Louis for a few days. It was heavenly to get away a bit, and the "big" kids had a blast in Branson with Micah's parents.

There was a party at the stable where Jesus was born...mermaids and princesses were in attendance.

Collier loves the "snowman drink"...aka: Eggnog.

A quick visit with Santa.

Sweet baby smiles.

Collier showed me how he felt about potty training, and we gave up for a while.

Bretton's skin and cradle cap got out of control, and we finally went to the dermatologist. He seems to be under control now. (Crazy Eczema and infected cradle cap...blah.)

I've celebrated the season thoroughly by eating every sweet that Micah brings home from work. I've started just making it my dinner with a glass of wine and then making myself feel less guilty by juicing in the mornings. Ha. Balancing out my nutrition, right?

Collier loves to read. :)

And be a construction worker...

I want to eat him up, but then I would miss him terribly...

I need to work on my French braiding skills, but I was pretty proud of myself for this!

And...my kids love each other, and that makes my heart happy.
I'll be back soon(ish) with lots to share!
Merry Christmas!!

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