Saturday, April 17, 2010

Landry's 2nd Day...

We had a wonderful first night with Landry, and we are having an amazing 2nd day so far. We love her SO much, and I can't stop taking pictures.

GiGi (Micah's mom) stayed with us last night and helped us settle in to our "new world." GiGi also cleaned our house for us which was really nice! Her MiMi (Lindsey's Mom) was here overnight for the delivery and has come multiple times to help us with food, laundry, and extra love for Landry. Her Dado and Nana (Lindsey's Dad and Step-Mom) have helped a lot with food and lots of love. It is so nice to have so many loving hands around to help with our new adjustments. We love all of you very much!

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